Why booking ahead makes a lot of cents

There is undoubtedly something romantic about of deciding to go off to Paris or the Caribbean at a moment’s notice. It is exciting and spontaneous, even slightly risky, which just adds to the fun. However, be ready to shell out unromantic wads of money to pay for such impulses. You save some serious change and avoid huge stress when you book your flights and accommodations on Travelo city months ahead of time.

Peak season means peak rates

Certain times of the year are simply more expensive than others are. Thanksgiving, the Christmas holidays, spring break, and the summer months are typically 35% more expensive than any other time of the year. You can manage to snag a flight home for Thanksgiving (more or less) at a reasonable rate provided you do it in March. Add about $5 a day to your fare starting in October every day you delay booking.

No vacancies

Another problem is finding a place to stay, if Aunt Joan’s house is simply not big enough to accommodate everyone. Hotel rates are ruinous even if you can find one with an available room, and chances are you will not. The same applies for car rentals, restaurants, and cruises. It is a royal bummer, but that is the reality.

Do Wednesdays

There is a remote chance you can have slightly better luck if you choose Wednesday to travel. Fares are a little lower, and you have a better chance of finding chance accommodation if it is not a weekend. If you like to fly by the seat of your pants, it may just be precisely what you will have to do during the peak season. Prepare to end up with a threadbare pair of pants.

If you absolutely have to travel during peak season, do yourself a favor.  Make your plans early and book your flight and accommodations ahead of time.