Turbocharge New Sales having a Marketing Database

What’s the best asset your organization owns? Inventory? Equipment? Employees? If you have customers, your number 1 asset is the customer list.

You’ve probably heard that old adage, “It’s 5 occasions simpler to market a current customer than to locate a brand new one.” Selling a current customer is simple because you have got the best message in the proper time visiting the right customer. There’s two proven ways to get this done. First, you position yourself because the apparent expert and request your deserved referrals but for the next purchase. Second, you practice solid crm and mine your database for those it’s worth. The very first strategy is passive and requires a really lengthy time.

The 2nd way positively places for your customer’s radar and keeps you surface of mind for his next decision. If your customer information resides in 10 different places, much like your accounting software, Stand out spreadsheets, little Publish-It notes in your monitor along with a PDA, you’ve greatly reduced or erased what you can do to “exist” for the number 1 asset when he’s prepared to buy again.

Take this 12-point true/false quiz to find out if you are ready to make money from your database. Have 1 point for every “true” answer:

1. I collect complete contact information (name, address, phone figures and current email address) on every customer who buys from me

2. I collect complete contact information (name, address, phone figures and current email address) on everybody who inquires about my services

3. I keep my contacts in one database

4. I keep an eye on how each client or prospect found me in order to duplicate my successes and thank my referral sources

5. I’ve a simple-to-use automated response tool to follow-up with prospects before, after and during the purchase and so i never lose an chance since it fell with the cracks

6. I’ve a simple-to-use system to mix sell my customers on my small other services since i track the things they bought formerly

7. I’ve got a system to trace opt-outs to my email promotions in order to remain in CAN-Junk e-mail compliance with my e-marketing

8. I’m able to forecast my sales for the following week, month or quarter according to possibilities within my sales pipeline

9. I’ve got a customer database clean-up intend to update my contact information at least one time each year

10. I’ve a highly effective system for tracking open and closed customer support issues

11. I’m able to download leads from this site and plan a call back personally in one hour or fewer–everyday!

12. It requires me 1 hour or fewer to produce an essential email campaign to my customers.

What Your Score Means

Should you scored a 7 or fewer, you are working too much for business and departing cash on the table. Probably, you are developing one account at any given time rather of making a sales procedure that can operate on auto-pilot until someone is able to purchase from you. While that’s certainly the way in which the majority of us were trained to obtain more business, and it is been done like this for many years, it isn’t a really efficient use of your energy, or perhaps a very lucrative way of spending your entire day, or enjoyable.

Should you scored an 8 or over, you are doing a fantastic job of promoting to and reselling your overall customers. You need to search for new sales possibilities having a targeted prospect list or try online advertising. Redouble your time and efforts with existing customers. Customers consider you like a reliable friend and treat your communications as information, not advertising. A good customer contact program includes 12-18 “touches” each year.

A complete integrated market database is needed, which is capable of consistently managing complex marketing data of inequality, more than ever before. It functions as the necessary tools for integration. And to keep this data in an old condition, it is maintained in constant working conditions.