Top Reasons Your Beautiful New Kitten Should Be Insured

The average cat has an insatiable sense of curiosity, and it can get itself into quite the predicament as it grows and explores the world around it. Even if you keep your cat indoors and try to keep danger out of its reach, a maturing cat is bound to need a trip to the vet several times in its lifetime. Fortunately, most of these situations are more adorable than dangerous, and you can post your kitten’s antics online to share the fun with everyone. However, the latter can happen just as easily as the former, and this is when pet insurance becomes extremely valuable.


Routine Appointments

Compared to puppies, kittens require a greater number of routine appointments to ensure their health, and the price of everything they need can quickly add up. After getting the mandatory vaccinations, boosters, and other prerequisites out of the way, it is important to maintain regular check-ups as they grow. Kittens have particularly weak immune systems, and a cat can catch almost any illness or disease that you can. Other illnesses specific to cats, such as feline herpes, are easier for kittens to catch until they reach an age of several months old and have all of their vaccinations. Cat insurance will help you cover up to 80% of the costs associated with this care, making it easier to handle a kitten’s more demanding needs.

Unlimited Energy

As previously noted, cats are curious by nature, and this is as true of large feline species as it is of household breeds. However, that curiosity peaks in the younger years, and kittens often do things they know they are not supposed to do. Such forbidden activities include chewing on small objects, such as electrical cords, eating medication found on the floor or counters, or chewing on houseplants. Kittens may also be more agile than older cats, meaning they are capable of exploring high-up areas that you thought were inaccessible. Always double check to ensure the most dangerous areas are kitten-proofed.

Spend a Little to Save a Lot

Too many pet owners fail to consider pet insurance when taking on a pet. Similar to human health insurance, pet insurance will cover vet visits, medications, and other procedures necessary to ensure the health of your cat. The insurance works by reimbursement, and the money you save can add up to the thousands by the end of a year. For example, cats are particularly fond of thread, and they tend to eat it by compulsion. Although some thread may pass safely through their digestive tract, a large or even moderate amount can clog their intestines and block their body’s ability to digest food.

This serious issue almost always requires surgery to rectify, and the price of the procedure can cost thousands. Your pet insurance would cover the majority of the cost, so you wouldn’t have to pay all of it from your own cache. With the insurance by your side, you could focus on the treatments that are best for your kitten rather than your wallet, and that is enough to convince most pet owners to buy a policy. There is no age limit to this type of insurance, so it is never too late to buy a policy for your pet.