Three Easy Ways to Add Insurance When Travelling

Have you ever been on a trip and suddenly realized that your luggage is in one place and you are in another? How about that time you were taking a holiday and tripped and fell, only to realize you didn’t even know if your hospital stay was covered? Both of these are examples of why we need to get insurance, and the right kind, when we get on the road or a plane for a trip.

But we don’t always think of it at the time that we are making plans. After all, it is the least glamorous part of making that trip. Who really thinks they will need insurance while sunning in the Bahamas or attending that annual convention in Paris? But you do need it, and there are three easy ways to tack it on to your “to do list” before you head out.


Book It with Your Flight

Of course, the most obvious way is to go ahead and check that little box when you are ordering your flight and say that you want flight insurance. That takes care of one kind. But be sure to understand that this will not cover any other kinds of problems that can pop up.

However, you will probably see ads for travel insurance and extended health insurance pop up on your sidebar while you are booking your trip. While those sidebar ads are annoying, this is one time when they are handy and make a lot of sense. You just might want to book some extra travel insurance or extend your health coverage while you are gone. If you are booking through an agency or at work, be sure to let them know you need this.

Make it a Rider on Your Insurance

Sometimes our own insurance can have a rider that covers these circumstances. If you don’t know if your own coverage includes travel coverage abroad, ask your insurance agent about it. Chances are that if your current coverage doesn’t include it, they can add a rider for a small charge to make it part of your current package.

For your current health insurance, if you have it through work you might want to talk to your HR department. Insurance through a company is usually group insurance and might not have travel insurance available. But if you have a private extra to your group policy, it just might include this option. It never hurts to ask.

Buy it Online

Of course, if you don’t have either of these options available, you can always buy it directly online. Most websites will have a mobile payment processor that allows you to pay on the fly or on the way to the airport. This is usually only for the flight you are taking and simply gives you the extra coverage for the time you are out of the country.

Whatever way you choose to buy it, travelling today without the extra protection of travel insurance for your trip and extended health insurance to cover you while you are out of the country is just plain dumb. We cannot predict the way that any day will go, and with the added problems of rerouted or cancelled flights because of the uncertainty in today’s world, it is better to be safe than stuck away from home.