The importance of quantity surveyors

The role of quantity surveyors in the society today is often understated. They are mainly left in the shadows until you need one. Quantity Surveyors play a vital role in raising the ability of construction work and decreasing conflict by ensuring that the most suitable procurement method is appointed, providing effective cost control system and make certain value for money at all times. Quantity surveyors operate an extensive range of competencies outside the traditional quantity surveying activities.

Quantity surveyor Melbourne has a significant role in developing the efficiency of controlling the construction projects by their knowledge of processes conjoined with project and management of their knowledge. Their skills in the field of legal policy, by the application of such techniques as tendering and early stage selection of a contractor, all play a huge part in the survival of construction industry from the financial crisis.

The cost-significant activities in Engineering/Infrastructure projects are different than that of a Building project and are such that the importance of the Quantity Surveying function becomes even more vital within these sorts of projects. Cost overrun is not an uncommon phenomenon in construction projects and in particular with Civil Engineering and Infrastructure projects, this has been highlighted recently with massive delays in high profile MTR projects.

Surveys suggest that cost overrun for transport infrastructure projects was mostly in the range of 40-60% for rail projects, 20-40% for fixed link projects and 0-20% for road projects. With the long delays common place in these projects, the Commercial Management function becomes even more important to construction companies to ensure they are profitable. Quantity Surveyors play a critical role in Infrastructure projects and are vital in ensuring company profitability.

Civil Engineering projects are often classed as more unpredictable in terms of the potential problems that may be encountered during the course of taxation and claiming depreciation. There are certain characteristics of engineering projects which make the Quantity Surveyor’s role essential. These include:

They are susceptible to the unpredictable forces of nature due to the often large area footprint covered which will have varying landscape characteristics. They require a flexible approach as well as an increase in contingency allowances for unexpected costs. They also require intensive technical management expertise.

Quantity Surveyors are responsible for all the parts of the financial sections. A construction company’s emphasis is to earn more profits and complete project within given period. The main worry of Quantity Surveyor is obtaining the amount of capital, make securing the flow of work and preventing losses.

Also, one of their primary duties is limiting the level of using money and supervising the way that it is being spent. Therefore, quantity surveyors in Melbourne have to show a detailed proficiency in terms of financing and economics and the financial efforts on a particular type of construction projects. Quantity Surveyors have to play a significant role with their knowledge and skills in the construction industry. To do that construction industry should have adequate knowledge and experienced Quantity Surveyors.