Online trading, because who wants to hang out on Wall Street anymore?

In the wake of the internet age, nerds in dark basements discovered and developed cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is the new currency of the internet and with its growing popularity, it will sure to surpass PayPal. Cryptocurrency is the thing you want to be in on this year. With Bitcoin, the most popular currency trading at $7,000 United States Dollars, why wouldn’t you want to get a slice of that pie?

Some are cautious when it comes to cryptocurrency because it is not backed by anything. No gold, no oil, no real cash behind it. Experts suggest that this currency will soar over the next year and long-term predictions place Bitcoin in excess of $12,000.00.

With nothing to back the currency, you may be asking yourself why you should invest in this brave new world?

Electronic funds are the norm as well as the future

Ask yourself this question. When was the last time you actually paid for anything with cash? The world is becoming so digital that I can’t remember the last time I even used cash. With the fast convenient payment systems like Square or PayPal, it makes sense that the internet is leading the charge to a digital cash age. Soon cash may even be obsolete so why not purchase some cryptocurrency and get ahead of the game.

It is a tax-free currency

That is right when you buy cryptocurrency there is no tax to pay on it, and in many nations, it is seen as a possession rather than a currency. The IRS is trying to do whatever they can to find a way to tax it, so buy some now while there is still a loophole.

Cryptocurrency is anonymous

There is not much of a paper trail for bitcoin. The currency sits in a wallet that has no name on it. You have an address where your funds are held and you are free to trade them with little worry about the government or your spouse knowing what you are up to.

Cryptocurrency is freedom from having to carry cash. It is freedom from the government knowing your business.

What are the downsides of Cryptocurrency?

If the money is stolen from you it is not easily recovered. Also, cryptocurrency has a stigma for its association with the dark web and what the currency is and has been used for. Some have used this form of currency for buying assassins, drugs, and people. So long as you are not engaging in illegal activity then you have nothing to fear. Cryptocurrency is the future and with greater interest and support the currency could find more backing. It takes brave people to initiate change, so why not get on board and purchase some cryptocurrency today?