Factors To Keep In Mind If You Are Going To Buy A Used Car

There are many vital things which are to be consulted or seen before purchasing a used car. It’s exciting and tricky at the same time. Here are few tricks to make a right jump-in.

Properly Inspected Papers and Check Every Detail

Must be inspected and checked by your known mechanic. A used swift car price in India is lower than brand new but a few to do things are as follows –

  1. Insurance paper: It indicates the past happening like accidents. Go for higher NCB (No Claim Bonus).
  2. Verify Year Of Manufacture: Note the ‘Vehicle identification number’ and check it online, it still tells details of the car including date of manufacture.
  3. Verify Engine Size and Brakes: Drive at 30-50kmph in an area with no or little traffic for checking any vibration, noise from the brake Pulsating brakes give a sign of rotor replacement. Be aware of engine variants and check details in registration papers and insurance papers
  4. Odometer tampering: Cars sold by unauthorized segment dealer’s lower odometer artificially. Ring the dealer/ workshop where the car was serviced to get history on its odometer reading before you visit. Check tires, filters, hoods properly.


Properly check a used car’s original papers of documentation to get a service history.

  1. RTO Tax Receipt: One-time tax and original owner should pay this.
  2. Registration of the car: Check for the date and tear of registration and see if ‘DRC’ is mentioned anywhere which means Duplicate Registration Certificate.
  3. Insurance: Date of expiry.
  4. Invoice, The Original one: For details of engine number, chassis.
  5. Finance NOC: For the financed car, NOC must be available and cross check with finance company directly.

Get Insurance In Your Name:

Important to have valid insurance copy in your name as registration is getting transferred.

  1. Name change in the previous owner’s policy: Transfer insurance ownership at the time of registration. Contact insurance company or an agent/broker.
  2. New Insurance: F previous owner has no insurance policy, it is crucial to get a new one. It is issued after quick inspection of the vehicle.

Warranty And Great Unpopular Models:

Certification and Warranty are two major things to check. Also, there are many reliable cars which were unpopular when new. They have a good second-hand market. e.g. Fifth generation Honda Accord and Fiat Palio 1.6 are two such bargain models.

Clean and Fix Before First Drive

A thorough clean up both interior and exterior and if possible, steam cleaning and sanitizing. Change fluids and oils regularly. Some quick fixes like light, spark plug, and if scratches, rusts, Get the car completely serviced.