Do you use Anadrol? What you should know?

Natural way of gaining muscles through proper diet and strenuous exercises may be a better option for body building but as that doesn’t give appropriate results, supplements come to a rescue.  Usage of Supplements like anadrol, also known as oxymetholone, to some extent and following a proper regime of workouts with balanced nutrition may help you achieve your goals, but fully depending on them may arise some serious health problems. So, stay healthy, stay strong and look fabulous in this fitness world.

Points to remember using anadrol

Timing is everything, though supplements like anadrol are a critical component for achieving your physique and performance goals, the right supplement to take at the right time is more crucial. Ideally, one should take it for only 6 weeks. The right supplements taken at the same time with proper training daily can show you wonderful results.

Being on supplements and regular workouts can dehydrate you, so drink lot of fluids to keep yourself hydrated. Lots of water is must.

An adequate of sleep 7-9 hours to relax your muscles and your body for further workout is also compulsory.

A high protein meal before retiring to bed and one immediately upon rising is a must for body building. As fueling up your muscles constantly is important or else the muscle cells will starts using up the stored glycogen thereby decreasing the muscle growth.

Pre workout supplements must be easily digestible and instantly fuel up your muscles.

Post workout supplements should be a easily digesting protein and low fat easily digestible carbs should be preferred. Intake of protein diet within 20 minutes of post exercise is very essential for the muscle growth.

As many of the minerals and nutrients are lost during the workout sessions, they must be replenished as required .Multivitamin and mineral complex such as B vitamin complex, vitamins C, D along with calcium supplements can do the job.

Adding some extra (BCAA) Branched chain amino acids to the diet or the supplements also will help you get that required protein.

Fish oil is also a fabulous supplement which helps you gain the nutrients that are lost during workouts and enhance your brain, heart and joint health. The essential fatty acids (EFA) are the good fats and help to recover your metabolism.

Calorie check  is one important thing to notice, as you need more calories for body building, you need to take proper balanced nutrition .Calories in the form of junk food would be of no use for the muscle growth and rather lead to the formation of fat. Thus healthy balanced food should be consumed and calories should be increased accordingly.

Protein is the key ingredient for body building and necessary for the muscle growth and the metabolism, at least 1.4 to 1.7gm of protein /kg or about 0.63 to o.77gm per pound should be taken at a regular interval of time.

Body building supplements sometimes may cause side effects, like creatine can cause a health issue pertaining to gastrointestinal tract; lactose intolerant people may experience nausea, bloating and cramps from the use of dairy products like whey or casein.